Welcome to the Redesigned Lean2Rescue Website

Lean2Rescue has been in operation for a while now. It’s about time we establish a website. Recent activites were the re-location and rebuilding of the Deer Brook leanto near Keene Valley and the kidnapping of the Bear Brook leanto. Deer Brook had to be re-located as its existing site was too close to the trail and too close to water. We took it apart, carried it about 200 feet up the hill, and put it back together with a new roof, some new bottom logs, and some really big rocks to sit on. The DEC Unit Management Plan called for the removal of the Bear Brook leanto. So we “stole” it and tucked it away in a barn. It will be rebuilt in the barn and moved to a new spot back in the park.

Currently, work is being planned on three different front in the Adirondacks. Plans are contingent on funding among other things. The state budget has not been good lately so we have been dependent on various private donations. There are no certain plans quite yet, other than we know we’ll be out there again soon.

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